June 12, 2006


I have placed a moratorium on any new cookbooks entering my shelf (at least those purchased by me, if you know me and wish to give me a new cookbook, be my guest). At last count, I have 58(!), 10 of which were purchased within the last 5 months.

Not too long ago, I used to lovingly flip through the pages of my pretties and absorb all of their content. Now, I only have a vague understanding of what is contained within their many pages. Enough!
I decided to re-acquaint myself with my babies. I am getting a bit tired of the recipe listings in my head and they need to be refreshed.

My OCD tendencies involve me sifting through my books and listing which recipes I want to try from them. It's quite a list so far. If any of you have suggestions from my books (see left column), please let me know.


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