June 26, 2006

Bon Voyage

If I was a better blogger, I would have postdated a few posts, found a sub or researched some way to get internet access in Prague and Vienna. Sadly, I did none of those things. Does it count if I gave serious thought to it but ended up getting distracted by other travelling details? (Note to self: do NOT forget passport!) This will be my last post until I return on July 11th. Expect lots of food reviews, pretty pictures, and most likely my return to a more canivorous diet (I hear that the Czechs are not too fond of their veggies. They do like themselves lots of sausages and beer though).

Until my glorious return, I would love it if everyone could leave a note in the comments section telling me a bit about yourself. Where you are, how you found this spot, what you like to cook, what books, if any, you cook from, if you have your own spot in WWW and if you have any suggestions for me about this site. Have a fantastic two weeks! Eat well!



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