May 21, 2007

And Then I Fell Off the Face of the Planet...

What I have been doing instead of blogging:

Celebrating the completion of my first year of school, one down, one to go. (Note the unintentionally placed, yet very meaningful and often used bottles of Excedrin). This semester was almost a total bust. After all of my free labor, lack of interesting classes (I honestly completed the final project for one of them in less than 30 minutes and I still got a 100%), I'm trying not to be bitter, its slow going. But I'm on summer vacation, my first in four years. Today is my first day off and I'm enjoying it by doing absolutely nothing.

Listening to ridiculous quantities of this and this (warning: sound)

Enjoying the beginning of summer (Cherries and peaches didn't make it long enough for a picture)

More content soon.


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