May 01, 2007

The Importance of Being Humble

These are the phrases you will hear come out of my mouth most often from 7a-1p:

"Yes, Chef"
"No, Chef"
"Thank you, Chef"

I'm smack in the middle of my cafeteria session for school and I'm trying my hardest to not be resentful. However, I am paying them (tuition fees) so I can work for free for them while occasionally getting verbally abused. Extra bonus! I get to wake up at five every morning so I can leave my house by 6:15a and walk 1.5 miles to the bus stop. It's awesome.

Yesterday, I did what I hope will be the most disgusting thing I will ever do for school: make a giant vat of meat sauce consisting of, but not limited to, at least 15 lbs of ground meat which I had to drain the fat off of. I held my nose the entire time, the smell of ground meat makes me more than a little bit queasy. By the end, I felt like my whole body was coated in a thick layer of grease.

When I come home from school, especially if I had classes on top my free labor session, I crash on the couch and don't leave until absolutely necessary or M. Pants, whom I rarely see now, puts me to bed. I keep on telling myself that its only for the next two weeks and then I will be able to enjoy my first summer vacation in four years.

Two more weeks and I will be free. Two more weeks. Think good thoughts.

I hope that all of this will explain the radio silence on this station for a touch longer.


Anonymous grignote et barbotine said...

Waouh ! how courageous you are ! Good luck for the next days... Two weeks, remember...

May 01, 2007 3:43 PM  
Blogger ASK said...

Sounds rough. Hope everything is OK. I'm in the process of moving right now. It's about as equally lovely as your situation only it doesn't evoke issues of indentured servitude.

May 03, 2007 2:11 PM  

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