March 31, 2006

I think I may have a problem... (Updated)

A quick review of my shower this morning revealed passion fruit shower gel, mango-mandarin shower gel, champagne shower gel, orange shampoo and conditoner, one raspberry scrub with bits of apricot kernels, one face scrub with walnut shell bits, vanilla egg nog sugar scrub, cranberry scrub, ginger tea bubble bath, hair gel with ginger, banana flower and cassia extracts, and grapefruit-scented glitter lotion. I didn't notice this obvious, and slightly disturbing, pattern until today. Also, no more fancy soaps until I finish what I have.

UPDATED- On second glance, I am also in the possession of a cafe au lait, cinnamon bun, and vanilla shower gels, as well as pear hand soap. My purse contains fig brown sugar lotion, my bedside table has vanilla brown sugar, my kitchen includes mandarin dish soap and pear hand soap. Mango lip gloss, strawberry lip gloss, honey lip balm....


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