May 17, 2006

How to Cheer Me Up

1) Take me to the Farmers' Market after a particularly bad day at work.

2) Accompany me to the bargain store to see if they got any new cook books in.

3) Treat me to an ice cream cone at my former company of employment, Ben & Jerry's (they didn't have the new Black & Tan, which I'm dying to try, but the Mango-Lime sorbet was pretty good). Then tip the counter people well because you know that's what I would have done out of sympathy after enduring two summers of crap tips.

4) Insist that we get a pound of cherries, even though we were just there to get food for the fuzz.

5) Encourage me to make a visit to Sur La Table, just to see if they have anything new.

6) When we get home, let me sit on the couch reading while you do the dishes.

7) Make me a martini with the last of our Hendrick's gin.

8) Bring me dinner in the garden.

9) Fix me a glass of ice water after I start to walk crookedly.

10) Leave me on the couch reading, while you clean up after dinner.


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