May 06, 2006

DINNER: May 6th - May 12th

I'm trying my hand at fresh peas, fancy desserts and filo dough this week.

Saturday: Elixir of Fresh Peas from Local Flavors with cheese toasts and Baked Dates with Coconut Sorbet and Candied Coconut from Last Course

Sunday: Parpadelle with Fresh Ricotta, Favas and Mint

Monday: Veggie Burgers with Oven Fries

Tuesday: Black Bean and Red Bean Chili with Cornbread from Joy of Cooking

Wednesday: Hoisin Tofu adapted from Year in a Veg Kitchen (still MIA) with Steamed Broccoli and Basmati Rice

Thursday: Dal with Raita and Rice

Friday: Spanakopita Pie from New Book of Middle Eastern Food (Goddess help me)


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