May 02, 2006

RECIPE: Beet Greens with Spanish Flavors

Or Meredith Entertains Herself by Making Dinner and Taking Pictures

The partner is out this evening going to see our favorite comedian, the exceeding funny and unbelievably sexy executive transvestite. This was a very late occurrance and I am horribly jealous that there was only one ticket. However, that means that I get to spend the evening enjoying my own company. How does one do that if you are me? Silly, you make dinner and then think about what other things you whip up in the kitchen when no one is watching.

I had great plans earlier to make fennel potato soup but when I opened the fridge to scavange myself some dinner, the beet greens I had saved from Sunday's salad were staring me down. That's okay, I needed to up my veggie quotient for the day anyway.

I chopped up a small onion and garlic and sauteed them in olive oil. I added the greens cut into ribbons and let cook in the water still clinging to the leaves.

After the greens cooked down a bit, I salted and peppered, then added some currants and pine nuts. Originally, I planned to put in raisins, but I thought that they might be too much sweet in one bite. Currants it is then.

While the greens were cooking, I starting boiling an egg. I think that a poached egg would be better, but for the life of me I cannot make one. Perhaps, soft boiled, so the yolk is still runny and delicious? Maybe, if I didn't overcook it. Oops.

I added a shot of sherry vinegar to the pan and plopped it all on my plate, crumbled a few bits of goat cheese over and broke, my not very runny egg over.

If there were anchovies to be had, they would have been included as well, but alas, it was not to be. A nice dinner for one and I only dirtied a bare minimum of cooking utensils. What else have I got in the fridge?

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