April 05, 2006

Amaranth ramblings

How could I resist a pretty purple vegetable? I wasn't always a fan of the purple but ever since I got my tattoo, I'm suddenly drawn to purple things like a moth to a flame. It's getting a little ridiculous, actually. Next I'll be on a all purple-red diet and I'll eat eggplant and tomatoes with some strawberries thrown in. This isn't sounding too bad actually...

So amaranth, mysterious vegetable from the nice family that grows lots of cool herbs and greens, does not taste like spinach as they said it did. It tasted like... green stuff. We tried some raw and then we added it to our soup. I couldn't tell it was there really. Maybe my taste buds aren't sensitive enough?

We gave the trimmings to the bun, as we are wont to do and he didn't touch it. Usually he's a greedy little fuzz whenever he gets food in his bowl but some things, for reasons we cannot figure out, just do not pass muster with him. Don't even think about giving him arugula but he will gobble up mustard greens lickety-split. What a weird little guy.

Perhaps I'll do a better search on recipes and see what I can wrangle up. I love my green leafies and am more than willing to add one more to the line-up, especially one as pretty as this.

My google image search did not turn up a single picture that looked like the "amaranth" I had. Maybe it's something else? What is this stuff?


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