April 09, 2006

Caramelized Apple Tart with Five-Spice Cream

Adapted from Local Flavors. We didn't have creme fraiche, so I made the version with cream instead. As I was mixing up the egg yolk and cream, I remembered reading somewhere about desserts made with Chinese Five Spice Powder, so I cracked open our jar of it and had a go. Our jar of five-spice included cinnamon, star anise, ginger, liquorice and white pepper. I think that its components vary based on its source.

I didn't like the tart too much at first, it was more cakey than anything and just plain. We had the leftovers for breakfast this morning and it was much better. Maybe it was the extra powdered sugar on top? The five-spice was more distinguishable and the cream was better set. The boy said he would like it again, but I think I prefer Anarchy Cake.


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