April 07, 2006

Friday, Friday

I'm going to try to post interesting recipes I found in the web-verse during the week here every Friday. It'll give us something to do during the weekend.

Heidi of 101 Cookbooks has some delicious looking lasagne.

The Accidental Hedonist, Kate, is making melon granita.

The folks over at CHOW posted a tasty looking pasta-vegetable dish.

Shuna at Eggbeater was busy making sexy leeks and rhubarb-apple galette.

The L.A. Times has some interesting recipes for creme fraiche sherbet and buttermilk sherbet.

Chika, she who eats, got a little crazy with some more rhubarb and strawberry recipes. Have I mentioned that I inherited my father's love of rhubarb?

This weekend, I'm going to tackle preserved lemons. And make some sort of pudding or ice cream. I have some cream and whole milk in my fridge calling out my name...


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