April 06, 2006

RECIPE: The Easiest Fruit Recipe Ever!

Usually, I hate superlatives in my recipes or cookbooks i.e. The Complete Guide to Vegetarian Cooking, The Best 100 Italian Recipes, blah, blah, blah. If they're so good, why are they in the bargain bin? However, this one really is that good and easy! I swear!

Buy a cheap cherimoya at the Farmer's Market, otherwise they are ridiculously expensive. Wait a few days for it to ripen. Wash very well and cut into chunks, with skin still on. Place fruit in a pitcher. Pour a bottle of white wine over fruit. The recipe originally called for Chardonnay, but I don't like it so I've used Riesling, Viogner, and Pinot Grigio with great success. I prefer a wine that slightly sweet but my partner doesn't, so use what you like. Let fruit and wine hang out in the fridge overnight. Eat and drink.

The cherimoya sucks up some of the wine and the wine tastes slightly like the fruit. Also, it is very easy to eat a lot without realizing how much wine you've actually imbibed. Umm, not like I would do anything like that.

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