May 19, 2006

Friday, Friday Part VII ** Updated**

My favorite number deserves a good week. Here's what we've got going on:

As soon as we get our new BBQ, I want to make Terriyaki Grilled Tempeh by McAuliflower. We need something to drink too and The Gringo (from the same source) sounds like it would hit the spot.

I usually dislike rose-flavored things but I think that I may have to review my non-flower consuming ways for Chockylit's Pistachio Rose Cupcakes.

Oh my goodness gracious! Berry Gratin with Cointreau from Georgeanne Brennan via the San Francisco Chronicle

Santos made some green mango chutney with the last of the season. Foolish me, I just assumed that mangoes were year round because they were tropical plants, but why would that be?

Stop the presses! Rum Raisin Ice Cream from Kate at Accidental Hedonist is going to happen this weekend. I promise.

I'm looking forward to trying truffles for the first time tonight. Granted they're jarred, but it's better than nothing I hope. If my puttering around comes out to be tasty, I'll share later. I'll also write a bit about my lemons that I'm trying to preserve in the fridge.


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