August 03, 2006

Where's the Stout?

Have I ever told you where I used to work when I was summer break from uni? It was by far the most fun I ever had at a job and ever since then I hold a special place in my heart for B&J and their products. Even though they phase out my favorite flavors one by one. When I heard that they were releasing a exciting but unfortunately named new flavor, my heart filled with glee. Mmm, stout flavored ice cream. I made Guinness ice cream many moons ago when I was still testing out my shiny new ice cream maker. It was delicious, and if my version was good then B&J's had to be too, right? Dun, dun dun.

After my fantastic b-day dinner, I decided that instead of staying at Opal for dessert, what I really wanted was to go the local ice cream parlor and get a cone. On the way home, we stopped by a market to grab a bottle of wine and lo and behold, they had the very flavor that I had been lusting after for months! Happy Birthday to me indeed!

We rushed home to enjoy our bounty. Alas! It tasted nothing like stout and if you got some of the chocolate ice cream in your spoon, it tasted overpoweringly of chocolate. It was good chocolate but definitely not stout. I do believe that very soon I need to unearth the Guinness ice cream recipe and fulfill my beer ice cream desires.


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