September 28, 2006

A Quickie and Some Questions

A few things before I hit the sack in preparation of my 6:30 am shift with catering.

1) There is all ready a handful of people in my classes who have seemingly dropped out by Week #5. I know that this sounds cruel, but thank goodness. My small collection of school friends are taking bets to see who makes it and who does not. So far, we've been pretty accurate. There are far too many people in my cooking lab classes. This came to a head (for me) last week when there were almost 30 people running around the kitchen with knives and hot pans, most of them having no idea what they are doing. I am still amazed that no one got seriously hurt.

2) Is this really the last week in September? Hard to believe. Also, Halloween is right around the corner. My mom gave me this silly apron made to look like a witch's bottom half, pointy shoes, striped stockings and all. Unfortunately for my mom but fortunate for me, I don't have to wear my chef's uniform on Tuesdays nor is the apron to dress code. By the by, do you have your costume yet?

3) I haven't been sleeping at all. This is causing me some concern. Any suggestions for sleep remedies? Please?

4) The partner's family and I will be in NYC right after X-mas. I've never visited before and am super excited. Please send along lots of cool things to do and see while we are there. I am certainly going to go to the Guggenheim but besides that I'm pretty open.

5) Must be awake at 5 am tomorrow. Going to fall asleep in someone's breakfast. Test that I have no desire to study for or even care about....


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