May 24, 2006

RECIPE: Delicious Dinner in Under 20 Minutes

Guaranteed or your money back!

When tomatoes are ripe, I eat this at least once every two weeks. It's well balanced, spicy, a bit salty, a little sweet, cheesey and mostly healthy. It's also a snap to put together.

Pasta with Tomatoes, Olives and Arugula

Adapted from Jamie Oliver's The Naked Chef Takes Off

8 oz dried long skinny pasta (spaghetti, fettuccine, etc.)
2 TB olive oil
2 or 3 garlic cloves, minced
1 chile, minced (or however much you like)
1/3 cup good quality black olives (I prefer Kalamata), pitted and coarsely chopped
1 pint cherry tomatoes, halved if large
4 oz arugula, coarsely chopped
salt and pepper, to taste
Parmesan or Pecorino, freshly grated

Heat a large pot of salted water over medium heat (This would be a good time to start prepping the veg). When water is rapidly boiling, add pasta. Cook until al dente, about 5-7 minutes.

While pasta is cooking, heat oil in a large saute pan. When hot, add garlic and chile. Cook until fragrant. Add olives and tomatoes. Cook just until tomatoes begin to break down. If the pasta is not ready, set aside.

When pasta is done, drain, reserving some of the cooking liquid. Return pasta to pot. Add tomatoes and arugula. Toss until well combined. The heat of the pasta will wilt the greens. If dry, add some of the cooking water to moisten. Salt and pepper generously. Serve, passing cheese to grate over.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Chef!! Well, I am glad to see a post on your blog. Now I know you are still alive and not buried in pots and pans! We are going intp Spring here in Uruguay, so I found some "Rucula" and made this dish. It reminded me of pasta a good friend of mind made for some two summers ago. I remembered it being very freshing.
Well, I left out two very important steps. I neglected to salt the water for the pasta, and missed the note on "salt generously" after it was cooked. To boot, I have not found REAL parmesan here. They say it is parmesan, but it tastes more like that Irish Cheddar sold at Trader Joes. So that did not add salt either. (OH, and the Ricotta? No...tastes like Mozzarela. In a local "resturaun" I did have an incrediblly soft, creamy goat cheese on top of a salad. It was incredible. I was sad there was only just more than a garnish. Alas, I nelgected to ask what kind of cheese it was. But I will go back...its our favourite spot thus far.)
Anyway, I do want to try this pasta time with more salt. Thanks for posting the recipe. -GauchaGuapa

September 17, 2006 11:56 AM  

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